DFW’s Eco-Friendly Natural Hair, Skin, & SPA Expo

The DFW Eco-Friendly Natural Hair, Skin, & SPA Expo is an expo with a purpose by supporting North Texas Food Bank initiative in its fight against hunger through its food drive, “Earth against Hunger”. We offer a supportive environment for our vendors to showcase their eco-friendly and natural products and services to like-minded attendees. Please see below a list for the type of requested exhibitors/vendors for our show.

Requested Exhibitors/Vendors

  • aromatherapy (candles, essential oils)
  • skin care products
  • hair care products
  • bath and body products
  • SPA services
  • Eco-friendly, Organic spa products
  • Non-toxic eco-friendly manicure and pedicure salon services and products
  • handmade pet toys (cats and dogs)
  • natural dog/puppy shampoo
  • zero waste/ eco-friendly hair, skin, and body accessories
  • kid/baby natural bath and body products and accessories
  • Teen bath and body products and accessories
  • Mature Anti-aging products and services
  • Men natural hair and body products including zero waste beard accessories
  • Natural, Organic, and Vegan Bath Soaps
  • Non-toxic cosmetics
  • Specialty Salons and barbers for natural hair care
  • Miscellaneous Eco-friendly products and services
  • Supplementation for Healthy Hair, Skin, & Nails
  • Beauty, Cosmetology, and esthetician School
  • Esthetician services
  • Kid/youth services, programs, awareness
  • Teen services, Programs, career
  • Earth friendly jewelry
  • Non-toxic eco-friendly natural bed linens and clothing
  • Meditation and Counseling Services
  • Zero waste Eco-friendly utensils, kitchen ware
  • Food truck - health conscience food
  • OTHER – variety businesses specifically requested for our promotional tables, promotional bags, and business card table.

The Cascades Conference Center

Address: 5909 Stone Creek Dr, The Colony, TX 75056 August 6, 2022 Saturday Event time: 9a-2p

August 6th Expo:

  • Back to School UV Protection & Clear Skin Bar
  • Specialty Product Showcase: Baby, Kid, & Teen products
  • Bath Products & Accessories
  • "Teen Zone"
  • Summer Specialty products Try-on Showcase
  • Come represent your lashes whether you wear strip lashes or lash extensions and receive a FREE Lash Glam Kit. Make sure to stop by Precious Organics Beauty Supply or Dermaroot Natanicals booth to show off your lashes and claim your Free Lash Glam Kit while supplies last.....
  • North Texas Food Bank Food drive
  • Promotional Giveaway Bags to 1st 50 Attendees
  • "FREE Hair, Skin, & SPA inspired Giveaways every hour"
  • check out our Skin Beauty Clearance Basket for unbeatable deals.

The Cascades Conference Center

Type/Location # of tables Regular Price Registration Deadline July 22, 2022
Regular Space one table and two chairs $275
Large Space Need more space or if you want to bring a tent:
Comes with 2 tables and 4 chairs
**Please call or email if want to bring a tent. **
** Order Two Regular
Spaces. **
Type/Location # of tables Regular Price Registration Deadline July 22, 2022
Bronze Sponsorship / In-Kind donations ONLY *Donation used for expo promotional giveaway No table *attendance NOT required * ALL In-Kind Donations MUST be received within 30 days from registration to avoid cancellation $0 (In-Kind Donation Only) Call or email to register. Registration form and mailing address will be sent via email.
Half-Table Space (half-table) + 1 chair $138
  • Each exhibit space includes 2 chairs, except for the Half-table (share) space which includes only 1 chair.
  • If selected exhibitor space is sold out, please call for current availability at 469-759-0148 or send email.
Additional Add-On Options Price
Business Card Promotional Table
*recommend 125 copies or more
*copies will be restock as needed
Promotional Table

*recommend 125 copies or more
*copies will be restock as needed
Promotional Giveaway Bag
*provided to 1st 50 attendees
*must provide #50 promotional items to be included in the expo giveaway bag
*the expo supplies the giveaway bag
Electricity (120V AC access)
"includes extension cord and 6-outlet strip)
Linen (Tablecloth) $12
  • Please mail all promotional material, (business cards, brochures, flyers, pamphlets, and promotional items), to address: 445 E FM 1382 Suite 3-746 Cedar Hill, TX 75104
  • Promotional material may also be dropped off the day of the expo on August 6, 2022, No Later Than 8:30 am to be included in the expo. Any promotional material received after this time will NOT be included in the expo.
  • Any questions may be answered by calling (469)759-0148 or sending an email to info@enhssexpo.com


  • NO Refunds if cancel within 60 days of the event.
  • If cancel more than 60 days of the event, then a Full Refund minus a $75 processing fee will be provided.
Additional Add-On Options

Business Info to include in the expo program:

Information for Vendor Registration: